Life is a journey.

This might be the beginning of a wonderful and comforting journey for my mind, body & soul. Why? Because I finally started this blog. Something, I’ve been (over)thinking – yap, that’s me – and then talking about for a couple of years now, without ever getting anything started (unless many crazy scribbles and endless seeming landscapes of thoughts in my head).

Every day I’m full of ideas, my mind is literally always circling around so many things that make my heart sing, like tasty healthy food and the cooking of it, interior design, music, the sea, drawing, travelling, movies, DIY thingies, fashion, ux, … and so much more! I’m in love with details to be found simply everywhere. I consider it a fact, that everything you put your heart and dedication into, will turn out great in one or the other way. So to speak, it’s not about perfection or a shiny bright picture perfect life, it’s about how you personally get involved with goals, people, things, no matter how risky it may appear. The badest outcome of course could be severe disappointment, profound sadness – a broken heart. But at least, you gave your best, left your comfort zone, had fun, truly felt alive, powerfully lived in the present and most of all and under any circumstances I’m sure: learned a lot you can take with you to your next adventure.

This blog is one of my personal adventures and I have no clue where it’s going to lead me, which inputs I will be feeding it with, I even don’t know if I will post something ever again after publishing this first post, haha!

It’s not relevant, I’m just so happy and proud of me I finally did this – cause clicking “publish” in a few secs will make my heart sing!

Cu soon, dear blog … maybe.