Black & White

Black & White Compagnie de Provence Soap

One great brand dedicated to well-being I came across in the last 2 years, is the amazing Compagnie de Provence, originated in Marseille, now a brand distributed in approximately 40 countries. Compagnie de Provence was the first brand to reinterpret the traditional cube of Marseille soap and launch its liquid version.

Besides the great quality of their nourishing and wonderfully scented products, I do also love their packaging: Characterized by an unusual urban appearance, the brand displays a sleek and contemporary spirit, exclusive graphic designs and a touch of elegance, which endows them with this distinctive style, I really love to see on everyday objects at home.

And by the way – isn’t this a beautifully set bathroom on that picture? Reduced, decluttered and cozy. Found it in this article about a timeless family home in New Jersey on

Goldfish linework by MagaMerlina

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