El Show De Yuly


This is exactly where I saw this classic Freestyle Hi Spirit model from Reebok the last time! It’s more than 25 years ago, but I could never forget El Show The Yuly, where the pretty southamerican TV presenter Yuly was jumping, singing and running around in her show, wearing those classics – another colour every show! My sisters and me were so in love with her (our wanna-be-when-I-grow-up-icon), and not to mention her rainbow coloured palette of Rebook classics – we were crazyyy about them (ahhh, I love the 80s).

I remember our oldest sister getting ones as soon as she turned a teen, but my other sister and me – not even 10 yet – had to wait. But the day we would have chosen our favorite ones unfortunately never came, as we left the country to move to Europe, before we could even get close to be teens.

Arrived in our new homecountry, nobody was wearing those fancy classics, in fact worse, there didn’t even was a show like Yuly’s on TV. So time passed, we grew up and those pretty classics kind of vanished from our minds and wish lists.

But everything changed today, after I rediscovered those Reeboks in a mint petrol-ish coloured shade online, and another classic model in a deliciously creamy coral-ish pastel tone! Can’t really believe how happy I felt and instantly had to smile, although I’m a grown woman in her 30s now, haha! Of course I’ve already decided that I will fulfill this childish dream of mine, and order them both, and see if dreams long ago dreamed, fit into the reality I’m living now – or if they should remain in the past, as a lovingly memory of my childhood in a far, far away country.

But for now, I can’t wait to tell my sisters about and till my order arrives! Maybe finally we will stroll around the streets in our colour covered feet and make sure we remind ourselves to never stop believing and working on – at least some of – our dreams to come true.

One thought on “El Show De Yuly”

  1. Mine mine mine …. would like to have both models.
    We should think on a shoe sharing system investing in size 41 ;))).
    Love youuuuuuuu

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