the need for inspiration and ongoing change

The need for inspiration and ongoing change

If you want or need to start something new which seems to be very difficult in the first place – in my case having to change my diet due to health problems and therefore cut out gluten and refined sugar as well as having dairy products only now and then – I think it’s crucial to find something that inspires and motivates you to keep you on track. I didn’t wanted to feel kind of punished or condemned to this diet changes I had to make. I wanted it to be thoroughly positive, because the conclusion to all of this should be to actually make me feel better within my skin and help my immune system to perform as well as possible again and as it’s supposed to.

So where to get some inspiration from, to conquer this new lifestyle I needed to face and ideally turn into an effortless, joyful and lifelong way of nourishing myself?

Well in my case, one of the sources I find extremely helpful, is Instagram. As soon as I had typed in #glutenfree or #cleaneating, I was incredibly surprised about how many people happen to have accounts on which they share with the world how and what they eat on a daily basis. I had never expected such a bottomless, colorful and very professional as well as beautifully photographed pool of ideas, sharing recipes for free with a huge community that craves for exactly this kind of inspiration. Like myself. This way I’ve found lots of amazing accounts and blogs, among them also the well known DeliciouslyElla’s blog, and later also her bestselling-books, which I really love. They are a wonderful base of inspiration to me, as I don’t always like to follow exactly every step of a recipe or use the indicated ingredients only, but rather love to variegate them, be creative and turn them into my own “creation”, bringing in my personal preferences and demands.

During my twenties I’ve developped a big passion for cooking and creating tasty food. It hasn’t stopped making me happy and relaxed whenever I manage to throw together something new that tastes delicious. This whole I-have-to-change-my-diet-and-cut-out-things, opened a new and exciting world of nourishment to me, and completely changed my mindset on how to achieve to live my life within a healthy body and mind. I’ve learned so many new things about what to eat and how to prepare, sweeten, season and cook (or not cook) my food in a healthy AND – so important – tasty way, that I’m actually very thankful my body sent this kind of “message” to me, calling for help and asking me for a change.

It proved to me once again, that listening to myself and my body no matter if I like what I hear or not, pays off every time. Change can be very demanding, but sooner or later surprisingly rewarding in many ways at the same time. I think that it’s a naturally given aspect of life that everything keeps on moving and is object to change although it often may not seem to be so, no matter if you would rather want things to always stay the same.

So more than ever before in my life I choose to be involved, to actively participate, to learn, to move ahead, to share my thoughts, anxieties and anger, not to give up on throwbacks and lovingly pat my back whenever I succeed.

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