The Blue Banana Oat Bowl

blueberry banana oat bowl

Doesn’t ring a bell when you hear “The Blue Banana” :-)? A true fan will know what I’m talking about … it just came into my mind, when I looked at the fluffy banana and blueberries nicecream mix. My new creation turned out to be so delish, creamy, sweet, nourishing and very satisfying. Honestly, it was such a heavenly breakfast treat! Maybe I’m in a kind of dreamland, but I really loved the outcome of this early morning breakfast preparation session.

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Three-Layered Peanut Butter Brownies

Three-layered peanut butter brownies

This brownies are so delicious, the combination of melty self-made chocolate, the thinly spread, rich peanutbutter filling and the sweet and so gooey bottom layer, is simply to die for! They were one of my bestsellers at the vintage and design market in Innsbruck yesterday, yayyy! I was so happy people liked them so much. They’re very easy to make, you’ll see!

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Creamy Avocado Pesto


I LOVELOVELOVE avocados! And since I’ve changed my diet I’ve been keen on experimenting even more with avocados for savoury as well as for sweet dishes. I’ve never thought of avocados to be such an amazing ingredient for sweet dishes as well. But out there on Instagram, there’s endless inspiration to find on what to cook and how to use avocados in ways I would have never imagined.

But let’s stick to a savoury way of using them for now – as a heavenly creamy, fresh and so quick to make pesto. My version with sweetpotato spaghetti is a gluten free one, but it tastes equally amazing with any type of pasta or e.g. mixed with a risotto and some stir-fried mushrooms – yumm!

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A Green Smoothie Made My Day

A green smoothie made my day

I finally managed to walk around quite a bit at home this morning. After suffering from major back pain for the last couple of days, I was so thankful I started to feel much better when I woke up today. And although it might sound like no big thing, being able to blend this green smoothie on my own and without feeling significant pain, meant a lot to me and made me feel myself again.

I should definitively do all this blending-of-goodness-together-thing more often as soon as I’m fully recovered, cause it was delicious, satisfying and very energizing in many ways!

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